Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When I was a kid...

If anybody is actually reading this week, please help me out with my next post. I'm trying to remember what life was like before we drank out of plastic water bottles. Especially for you guys in the 30-plus crowd...can you recall what vessels you used to bring H2O to mouth? Give me specifics here...at work? At the gym, or were there gyms back then? On the run? I need help here, because for some of the kids these days, pre-plastic water bottle days are as hard to imagine as life without the internet. Anyway, please help me out with the water bottle question by postiing a comment!


amanda said...

Well, when I was a kid i honestly don't remember drinking much water, but I do remember using the water fountain when I really needed a drink. As I got older, I was a big coffee/tea fan (things haven't changed) I purchased a dunkin donuts (ahhhh east coast) plastic mug and used it for liquids throughout the day. College was a blur oh but wait, for a stint while I was bike messengering I would save my arrowheads and refill them and put them in the fridge for cold water the next day. Then someone told me that the longer I keep re-using the plastic bottles, the plastic breaks down and can make you very sick. True or not true, Sara?
I try and always bring one of my 6 coffee mugs to work with me to use throughout the day.
but answer to your question, I used the waterfountains. What ever happeed to those?
James' contribution:
sippy cup
the hose

Sara said...

water fountains still exist...somehow we've just gotten grossed out by them. regarding the plastic breaking down, yes it does depending on the type of plastic. more on that in the the water bottle post (forthcoming soon), and thanks so much for your feedback. anyone else? how 'bout you boomers? how did you drink water before disposable bottles?

Aaron Case said...

I still use a Nalgene, and I think back in the day we had those softer rubber water bottles like bikers use. Or a paper cup or a regular glass. I really don't think plastic breaks down and makes you sick if you re-use a water bottle. That's a paranoid's delusion.

Marcy said...

Hi Sara, Great blog! This comment is a little tardy, but if you're still interested, when I was a kid I used a plastic thermos, juice boxes, or milk cartons from the school lunchroom. But I know people used to use metal thermoses, which I've seen at camping stores and campmor.com.