Saturday, December 9, 2006

Let's go places together

Meet my new favorite reusable bag that now has a permanent place in my purse. This one's got game, folks. Witness its transformation from tiny and totally transportable to sturdy and stylish.

Comes in a pouch that's sewn to the inside of the bag, so you can't lose it. Amazing! Fits easily in any purse, so you'll never have to worry about getting caught without a reusable bag again. (The newest social faux pas, people!) Guys, you can stow it in your backpack, man-purse or just your car!

Friendly Bristol Farms worker is totally in awe of the transforma-tion he just witnessed and thinks we're only slightly weird. (Sorry for the blurry representation).

I could take this one anywhere, even to the finest boutiques, if I went to those kinds of places. Although this pictorial journey records a mere grocery store outing, this bag is actually ideal for non-food shopping, given its sleek look. Just unload your goods, stuff it back into its pouch, and return it to your purse/backpack/car.

Also comes in black, "moroccan blue", and "burnt orange"...ooh la la! from reusable, of course.

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