Sunday, December 3, 2006

Becky says "feck driving!"

As many of you know, I've been living it up on the train a lot lately, taking the long journey between Los Feliz and Manhattan Beach regularly, which has caused a few people to question my sanity. I try to explain: An hour and twenty minutes of care-free, "me time" versus 45 minutes fighting traffic? Duh, no-brainer! And well, I've come to enjoy...ok, absolutely LOVE everything the train has to offer. In my dreams I've written numerous "odes to the train", paying homage to all the life lessons it has taught me already in our short relationship. Seriously, folks! But, alas, time has not allowed such a litany of gratitude yet. So thank goodness I discovered my friend Becky's blog which is all-around fabulousness. Most exciting, she has written her own ode to the train, and an accompanying "Letter to Driving". Check it out. It's quality, LOL stuff.

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Emipants said...

the train takes me a little bit longer too, and because I drive a pretty efficient little car, costs me a little bit more (monetarily anyway) than gas and oil changes would. HOWEVER, the train is better for my psyche (I love the me time!) and for the planet too!

--friend of becky's