Thursday, December 14, 2006

Got a skeptic?

Ah, the holidays. You know what that means: Food, drink, a little vacation time...and testy interactions with family members who hold widely varying social and political views. Unless you grew up in the artsy, activist household of my dreams, you know what I'm talking about. No matter how much you vow to avoid the "hot topics", after a few drinks they inevitably surface. I've already heard reports of a Thanksgiving fight breaking out over the merit of reusable bags (Thanks for the effort, Sean!). And while the issue of climate change is NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE, unfortunately for some of our family members, it might be. Because of, you know, Al Gore and all those crazy Hollywood types who drive hybrids. And as much as we all might fantasize that our elderly family members will see the light about global warming when they witness our passion for the issue, I'm afraid sometimes they see our "passion" as "craziness". Such interactions might even reinforce their previously-held beliefs about what happens when their grandchildren move to California (sorry, getting a little personal there.) And one thing we definitely want to avoid is the perpetuation of the idea that caring about the future of our planet is a "liberal" issue.'s always best to go into battle armed with some cold, hard facts, right? I thought this would be a good time to share this fabulous resource:

How to talk to a global warming skeptic

It's quite an extensive compilation, but try starting with the "Global warming is a hoax" section, where the author lists various organizations that all accept that the earth is warming because of human activity. Real "left-wing wackos" here, like the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Meteorological Society. Heck, even oil companies Shell and BP admit that global warming is being caused by the burning of fossil fuels. If the oil companies say it's true, it must be, right?

And remember, a little sugar always helps the medicine go down. :)

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