Thursday, December 7, 2006

Victoria's Secret catalog goes green-ish

You can now enjoy the air-brushed babes of the "lingerie catalog" (come on, we all know it's borderline porn), without feeling guilty (at least, about what trees were used in the making of, that is).

Grist reports today that Limited Brands, (which owns Victoria's Secret, The Limited, Express, and Bath and Body Works) has announced some really important changes in the way they do business. A huge user/waster of paper (apparently Victoria's Secret alone sends out more than 1 million catalogs a day!!), they have agreed to stop using virgin pulp from the Boreal forest--yes, that same place your plush toilet paper comes from. They have also agreed to a number of new forest-friendly policies, including using at least 10% post-consumer recycled content for their catalogs. Just goes to show that we can put pressure on corporations to do better, and that many of them are starting to listen!

While we're on the topic of corporate responsibility, for those of you who have been inspired to switch to toilet paper made from recycled paper, take the extra step and send Kimberly Clark an email to help pressure them to do what Limited Brands has done.

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