Monday, December 18, 2006

If you haven't already bought wrapping paper...

Check out Umbra's advice on using "found paper" to wrap your holiday gifts. She asserts that in making a gift attractive, more important than the actual paper used are crisp, tight folds and creative garnishes like ribbons and glitter.

And this year, designate a bag for wrapping paper/bows/gift bags that still look as good as new and can be saved for next year. My dad is a master at this. For years my sister and I have seen the same bags and bows surface year after year, most likely outliving many of the presents they housed. And while we used to give him a hard time about what we perceieved as extreme thriftiness, I now totally appreciate the path he forged for us. (That's us last Christmas. I'm pretty sure that bag dates back to at least 1997.) It's all about changing our orientation. Once you stop seeing wrapping paper, gift-bags, bows, newspaper, envelopes, copy paper, ziplock bags, etc. etc., as single-use disposables, a whole new world opens up! Don't cut their lives off prematurely after one use...Get creative and save a bow from a landfill. It wants to be a part of the family.

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Marcy said...

My mom has always done this too, and we always used to tease her about it, too! One other thing I do is keep paper I've printed on one side of and use the other side for things like Google maps or anything that doesn't need to be on a perfect new piece. And when I'm done with paper at work, I cut it into four sections and use the blank side for scribbling notes on instead of using so many post-its.