Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Things learned after 2 hours in the Apple store

After a close call with a hard-drive breakdown, and an evening spent at the "Genius Bar", I'm feeling the Mac love at the moment and am going to ramble a bit off-topic. The fact that they provide free, in-store technical support to rescue my failing hard drive is truly refreshing in this world of dwindling, lackluster customer service. They're not worried about the few who might take advantage (there are some folks who do show up every day-mostly for social interaction, I learned), but hey, no big deal. And, most importantly, did you guys know that you can send your computer off to Mac for a week and they'll fix basically everything for a flat rate of $300? This is astonishing! The "genius" who was assisting me assured me that they melt down the used parts to reuse in some way. He also clued me in to a little secret: If you're getting a new ipod, bring your old one back to the store for recycling and they'll give you 10% of the new one! Apparently, they realized how ridiculously wasteful it is to encourage people to constantly upgrade to the newest model and throw away the old one. I have no idea if they advertise this program, so spread the word...

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