Thursday, February 22, 2007

Public flogging

After weeks of enduring lunch-time conversa- tions (lectures?) about the merits of reusable bags and evils of plastic bottles, my coworkers have called my BS. For a while now, I've been resolving to bring tupperware with me to lunch so that I can avoid whatever nasty disposable container I'm given. I even bought some nice, new containers this weekend for exactly this purpose. Yet I continue to forget to bring them, and yesterday was faced with the choice of wasting half of my delicious ramen, or accepting styrofoam. I went with the styrofoam and my friendly coworker Paul offered to capture the moment for the purpose of my blog. Maybe now that my shame has been exposed publicly, I will remember the freakin' tupperware!


jMc said...

What's the general reaction when you bring tuberware to a restaurant? Do they look at you like you have 10 heads? I always feel guilty getting any food to go, so I usually try to eat it there. I never considered bringing tuberware with me.

Sara said...

I'll let you know as soon as I try it. When I first thought about the idea I cringed too, but now that I bring my own containers practically everywhere else, it doesn't seem so extreme. I'll report back soon!

Sara said...

I've finally gotten in the habit of bringing my tupperware with me to work, and have twice used it at restaurants. Once I even called for takeout and told them that I'd be bringing my own container. No funny looks! (And even if there were, I'm so over caring about that!) Piece of cake! Do it!