Friday, February 2, 2007

Say goodbye to sweaters?

A little comic relief for your Friday. Sarah Silverman looks to the future and likes what she sees in this clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show. I think this is pretty funny. But the one person who had posted a comment (when I viewed it) unfortunately doesn't seem to see the brilliance of satire. Personally, I think we need more humorous takes on the issue that point out how ridiculous it is NOT to be on board...What do you guys think? Do you think this piece helps or hurts the cause?


Molly said...

First, I have to say I thought the video was funny. But I think it has either a neutral effect on the cause, functioning merely as comic relief (which is good), or a negative effect. The guy who commented pointed out that maybe some people actually believe that global warming will be a good thing, bringing us more tropical weather. I think, however, that the video's harm would just be in making people more complacent. There's a certain kind of resignation that accompanies this kind of humor. It's like, "well, it's happening anyway, we should at least laugh about it," which is all good and well. But I'm afraid that's where the ball stops. I don't think this humor actually urges people into action.

Sara said...

i think you're right. i just really liked the part where she pushes the guy on the bike over! for those of us who do a lot of hand-wringing about climate change, an injection of humor like this is probably helpful and necessary for our personal sanity. but considering there is still such widespread complacency about the situation, what we need most are strong messages that let people know that it's not too late to act.

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