Thursday, February 15, 2007

Important: TP update!

You know, it's been way too long since we talked about a super-riveting topic, like, say, toilet paper. Well, I have breaking news, folks! How I missed this, I do not know (guess I've had my head up my arse--har har). As one commenter from the original TP post pointed out, Trader Joes' toilet paper is 100% recycled! And 80% post-consumer product, for that matter. The best part is that a 12-pack costs $3.49, compared to that approximate price for a 4-pack at Whole Foods and other favorite over-priced natural food stores. My sincere apologies for leading you astray and making you cough up the big bucks for over-priced arse-wipe. I know I looked at it in the store and thought it was only partially recycled. Or did they recently increase their recycled content? Either way, it's a relief to know that we can count on TJ's for non-forest-killing, bum-wiping tissue.


Anonymous said...

You know, this is a fine idea. But I'm worried. Personally, I'll use anything shy of, say, 180 grit sandpaper on my bum. I've proven this with a 2 year stint in the army in Germany (German toilet paper is, or was, rather abrasive, its closest paper relative being those brown paper towels they use in public schools).

But my wife isn't so understanding. If I go buy this and bring it home, will I be evicted for not being a husband that's sensitive to, uh... sensitivity?

Sara said...

I can't speak for all women, but I know I would most appreciate the sensitivity of a man who understands we must make small, personal sacrifices for the common good!