Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Could you go plastic-free?

Just as I was starting to feel perhaps a teeny-weeny bit smug about my disposable bag/bottle-free months, I came across a chick in Vancouver who is going completely plastic-free in 2007. This is hardcore: Nothing that contains even a plastic wrapper can make the cut. Think about that! Most packaged food is out, as are most toiletries, toilet paper and other essentials. And no, she's not going to starve or not wash her hair all year...she's seeking alternatives, which, thankfully, do seem to be out there. One of my next steps is going to be buying cereals, pasta, rice, snacks, etc from the bulk bin of my local nature mart (Whole Foods has them too), with my cloth produce bags, of course. Now I'm going to follow her lead and seek out plastic-free products like deoderant from Lush. Very inspiring! Check it out and follow her journey.

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Becky L. said...

I LOVE LUSH! And in addition to their environmentally friendly packaging, their products are never tested on animals. In fact, most of their products are completely vegan. Not to mention totally awesome. Yay, Lush!