Sunday, March 4, 2007

Treehugger's Convenient Truths Contest

Just got back from Mexico...saw some amazing stuff, including many basic "green" practices that we, their northern neighbors, could learn from. I add the parenthesis because I'm sure most of the energy-saving practices I noticed are done out of economic necessity and because they just make sense, darnit, rather than out of any conscious environmental motivation. Will be reporting on those observations and my attempts to tread lightly while traveling shortly...

In the meantime, check out a video that my sister and I (that's us!) entered in Tree- hugger's Convenient Truths contest. It's a quick and simple exultation of--what else?--the virtues of reusable bags. If you like it, give us some love and rate it. And be sure to check out some of the other videos...Treehugger wanted to know what people are doing to fight global warming, and there are lots of great responses. It's encouraging to see how many people took up the call. Thanks to my sis Molly for doing most (read: all) of the work!

Me on Treehugger


Terry said...

Sara, this is Terry. I'm the guy with the motorcycle in the background a few vids below you. I was reading the comments people left me today, and I bled over and started reading all of them on the first page including yours. I read a comment left by a guy who calls himself matt, and it made me mad. Reminds me of some people I know who fail to see the positive in anything. Anyway, my frustration with him turned out to be positive afterall, because I decided to click on your link to see if I could dig up some info to comment back to him with, and I want to say I am super impressed! You've covered a ton of stuff! I didn't have time you see your whole site, but since I like cars (motorcycles, trucks etc...) and efficiency I checked out your Gettin' around section. I mentioned AAA in my vid. Looks like I need to look into Better World Club. Thanks for the tip. PS Don't change your air filter every month. They're usually good for a year but even better is to use one that doesn't get thrown away. Check it out!
Anyway, your site rocks. In fact I'm jealous. I need to set one up. I must have like 150 ways to increase gas mileage i've figured out and it's burning me up inside to hold them all in and not share them. What good does that do? I posted like a full page already today and it was just 5 tips. Tell your new carpool buddy that i've got some special things I learned that can get her Prius close to 100 mpg.



btw, I don't consider this fraternizing with the enemy. If I'm not mistaken, we're entered into different categories, right?

Shauna said...

the video was very good, seriously how do we get that on television somewhere? nice work girls!

sara said...

thanks for reading and for the tips, terry! you have a great point about the air filter. as far as starting your own site, go for it! the world def. needs as many people working on the issue from every angle...good luck!